Slot Car Garage Pit Scenery - Tool Set 5 Piece Red 1:32 Scale



Slot Car Garage Pit Scenery - Tool Set 5 Piece Red 1:32 Scale

3D printed in the base colour shown with handles accented in second printed colour , Set consists of the following parts: Width x Height x Depth 1600mm tool chest - 50mm x 30mm x 16mm 1200mm tool chest - 38mm x 30mm x 16mm 800mm tool chest - 25mm x 30mm x 16mm Corner unit - 18mm x 30mm x 18mm Tyre/wheel rack - 55mm x 14mm x 17mm The boxes are designed and manufactured, they are 3D printed and therefore will not be perfect (the pictures are of actual printed parts and layer lines can be seen) Colours may vary slightly between plastic batches. Only boxes and rack are included figures and other accessories in the picture are for illustration only We also stock, Blue, Black, Grey, White, Green and Yellow sets

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