Space 1999 Captain Alan Carter with Alpha Moonbuggy Collection STFIG-CMB



Space 1999 Captain Alan Carter with Alpha Moonbuggy Collection STFIG-CMB

SPACE:1999 Capt. Alan Carter with Alpha Moon Buggy Deluxe Figure Set Head of the Reconnaissance Section and chief Eagle pilot of Moonbase Alpha, Captain Alan Carter was on his fourth tour of duty when the Moon broke away from Earth in September 1999. Carter was the only resident of Moonbase Alpha to be absent when the Moon broke away from Earth; instead he was piloting an Eagle spacecraft on a high-altitude observatory flight of the nuclear waste dispersal operation. When the nuclear explosion which blasted the Moon out of Earth orbit occurred, Carter decided to return to Alpha rather than chance the trip to Earth. Carter remains Alpha's Chief Eagle pilot and is arguably the best pilot on Moonbase. Featuring a stunning 1/12 scale, fully articulated action figure, in ALPHA SPACESUIT, complete with MOONBUGGY and accessories, Sixteen 12 Collectibles is delighted to bring to life this iconic character from one of Gerry Andersons most beloved television shows, SPACE: 1999. Captain Alan Carter dressed in distinctive Moonbase Alpha Spacesuit Detachable helmet Highly detailed likeness Fully articulated Includes stun gun and comlock accessories Character display stand Photographic EAGLE cockpit backdrop display In scale Moonbase Alpha moonbuggy with seating for action figure Fully authentic and accurate details based on the full sized "Amphicat" vehicle Scale Alpha storage container Photographic Lunar surface and Moonbase Alpha display backdrop Limited edition Specifications: Materials: Injection Plastic / Vinyl Action Figure 6 inches approx Alpha Moon Buggy 180mm x 115mm x 90mm approx

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