Blue Ranger Mighty Morphin Power Ranger 1:6 Scale Three Zero 3Z0199



Blue Ranger Mighty Morphin Power Ranger 1:6 Scale Three Zero 3Z0199

A team of legendary rangers no one can ever beat! Go Go Power Rangers!!! From the American superhero television series, Mighty Morphin Power Rangers, threezero and Hasbro are proud to present 1/6th scale articulated figures based on the classic original series. The Mighty Morphin Power Rangers are approximately 12Inch (30cm) tall, fully-articulated collectible figures with hand-tailored fabric costumes, standard boots, and unique Mighty Morphin helmet. Each Power Ranger figure includes a utility belt, Blade Blaster holster, Blade Blaster, individual weapons, and four pairs of interchangeable hands. The Power Rangers individual weapons may also be integrated into the Power Blaster by combining the Power Sword, Power Bow, Power Axe, Power Daggers, and Power Lance accessories; included separately with the core five Power Rangers figures. This powerful assembled weapon is used as a finisher on small monsters. Features: Officially licensed by Hasbro Approximately 12? (30cm) tall Fully-articulated collectible figure 34 Points of Articulation Hand-tailored fabric clothing One Mighty Morphin helmet One fabric outfit One utility belt One Blade Blaster holster One pair of boots Four Pairs of Interchangeable Hands One Blade Blaster (can convert into blade or sidearm form) One Power Lance

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