1972 MPV Tehran Type for Shah Mohammad Reza Pahlavi II 1:43 Brausi 2101



1972 MPV Tehran Type for Shah Mohammad Reza Pahlavi II 1:43 Brausi 2101

A completely unique car which was developed and built by the three famous German car manufactures Mercedes-Benz, Porsche and Volkswagen. It might be the only car ever which was developed together by those German manufactures. This desert-racer was a toy for the crown prince Rezza Pahlavy, the son of Mohammad Reza Pahlavi, the last Shah of Iran, who fled his country 1979. Since then, the late Shah's cars have been considered part of the national heritage and are displayed in the National Car Museum of Iran at present.The museum is said to have around 1200 vehicles. The MPV Tehran Type was a gift which was presented to the Royal Court by the Germanys ambassador on behalf of the Chancellor Willy Brand. With four cylinders and an engine power of 80 horse power it has a top speed of 170 km/h. The last visit of Willy Brandt to Iran was 1972. The crown prince Rezza Pahlavy was born 31st October 1960. This means that at the age of 12 he received the MPV Tehran Type with - as said before - the dimensions and shape of an F1 car, and this with a top speed of 170 km / h. It has two keys. One, made of silver, limits the powerful engine to a gentle 30 kilometres per hour. The other, in gold, allows the vehicle to speed at 170 kph. However, his father was known for his nightly car races. A rogue who thinks bad. All this said, it was politically correct back then. In todays world of corporate governance and political correctness such a present is absolute impossible. Things have changed for the better! 1 of 200 Pcs

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