Baby Groot Life Size Statue Guardians of the Galaxy 2 Beast Kingdom 081



Baby Groot Life Size Statue Guardians of the Galaxy 2 Beast Kingdom 081

Im Groot Im Groot ? Im Groot ! The most adorable Groot of them all Baby Groot is coming to add a whole lotta cuteness to a desk near you, so whatever you do, dont push the wrong button! Beast Kingdoms Entertainment Experience Brand is proud to announce the launch of the latest in the range of high-end collectible statues, LS-081 Groot life-size statue from the extremely popular; Guardians of the Galaxy 2. The Marvel movie that introduced cinema-goers to the funniest tree-being that has ever graced our screens, a character with a heart of gold and best of intentions, yet always seems to be getting himself into mischief! The life-size series of expertly crafted 1:1 statue, uses handcrafted and hand-painted techniques to recreate magical moments from cinema history! The Baby Groot statue is another wonder to behold, recreating the hilarious scene where Rocket Raccoon tries to teach Groot how to use the explosive that will save the gang, yet Baby Groot seems to be eager to press the death button without hesitation! Can he stay patient long enough and press the right timer button instead? The incredibly detailed design of Baby Groot curiously gazing with his fingers stretched, and ready to press the button is brought to life with care. The added, built-in led lights also bring a wonderful level of realism to the statue. So add this Baby Groot to your collection today and make sure he doesnt press the wrong button, otherwise, we will all be in a little bit of trouble! Special Features: Includes LED light-up function Includes Micro USB cable x 1 USB charging head is not included.

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